2016 Sauce Wars event will be held during the festival and will feature marinara sauce from 5 local restaurants:
Lizza’s Mezzo Mezzo, 711 N. Main St. Pittston
Grico's Restaurant, 1074 Wyoming Ave., Exeter
Arturo’s Restaurant, 140 Main St. Dupont
Sindaco’s Restaurant, 566 Union Street, Luzerne
CrisNics, 189 Barney Street, Wilkes Barre

Donation: $2.00 to sample all five sauces.

Proceeds will benefit the Greater Pittston Historical Society.

The booth is located next to the festival committee stand and will be open every day during the Tomato Festival and will be manned by staff and volunteers to help us reach a milestone and make this Sauce Wars the best one yet!

Five local restaurants will vie for sauce recipe supremacy during the Sauce Wars, Hosted by the Pittston Tomato Festival. For a $2 donation, festival-goers can sample the sauces in a blind taste test, and cast their vote for the best sauce.

The winner of the competition will receive an award and will have the bragging rights for an entire year of having the best sauce at the Tomato Festival.

The winner is announced on the closing day of the festival.